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What we offer

Everything you need to reach your Spanish learning goals


Each of our students are matched with a conversation teacher, a native speaker, who gives them a safe space to start speaking and making mistakes.


All of our students receive the grammar lessons needed to serve as a foundation, all with the goal of giving them what is needed to start speaking.


The process of learning Spanish is different for everyone, so we as a team work together to curate a plan that is unique to each student’s learning needs.

Learning Spanish is about developing skills that result in more conversation

Yes, being able to complete activities in a grammar workbook or in an app helps, but this is not what’s going to improve your ability to communicate. Practicing conversation will.

What our students say

Our students say it best. No matter how long our students are apart of Bridge the Gap, we invest in our relationships with them and they become family.

BTG… what a program. The concept of conversing with an native speaker. I really enjoyed the experience


I’ve slowly been able to build up my confidence in speaking Spanish on my job and in the streets locally. It’s an amazing program and I recommend it to anyone who wants one on one – hands on training…


I have truly enjoyed my experience with BTG. Patient, considerate and very encouraging in every way! I have been able to achieve an understanding and comprehension of the Spanish language in ways I never have in my previous teachings.


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